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" We saw some roomsize Turkoman and Baluch pieces of a quality; condition, and age that we have not seen for years. "

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Rug Cleaning

We specialize in Persian & Oriental Rug Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning.

We separate rugs based on being hand made or machine made. Hand made rugs generally are more sensitive.

First step: Duster Machine
Duster machine beats the rugs to take dust out. we remove as much as possible dust from the rug

Second step: Shampooing In brief some methods we use include mostly complete soaking and submersion of rugs in water which is the best way to clean, dry-clean, jet spray and extraction.
Rugs go through shampoo.
Rug cleaning professionals take care of washing the rug.
Every rug we clean is treated as the work of art it is, stunning all that see one restored to its original museum quality in color and beauty.
Rug cleaning professionals take care of washing the rug.

Third step: Rinsing
Rugs are rinsed by water back and front.

Fourth step: Wringer
Wringer takes almost 80% of the water out.

Fifth step: Dryroom
Rugs go to the dryroom to be dried.

Sixth step: Storage
Rugs are ready for delivery.

We also dry the rugs under the sun. Sun makes the result more beautiful and gives nature's warmth to the fibre for some rugs.

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